Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pablo Escobar Favorite Sicario Pinina

20 years since the death of the richest and most powerful  drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The Colombian Medellin Cartel cocaine  boss is causing a stir in Latin America with a new doc-soap called Pablo Escobar Patron del mal, which is re-living the most infamous parts of his tyranny and rule over the cocaine trade. More important then this is that the soap is revealing the structures and men behind the cartel that made them, the most powerful and ruthless in the world whose legacies still cause misery.

Papi Eye SAW - 
 John Jairo Arias Tascon aka PININA
A  bad boy killer by his early teens ,he started working for the patron from 15 years young , he would become Escobar's first true Sicario who became a legend in the Medellin underworld. He would command Sicario groups for the needs of Escobar and carried out all jobs however outrageous or difficult the Capo would order. So good at completing jobs and doing the cartels dirty work he became a respected lieutenant and  he rose to 5th in the cartel. An incredible feat for a street kid who raised himself in the notorious Medellin barrios and became a product of the underworld. He had a high pitched voice, small in frame and stature as well as having a baby face. He was responsible for many high profile murders and atrocities by the cartel which eventually got him in June 1990 when he was killed by the Authorities. His death was three years before Escobar's death.With his death the Bosses corner naturally became weaker which he knew and he mourned his top killer for a long time due to the fact  was very close to him as he had raised, schooled and  trained him  in all aspects of criminality and more importantly he was his favourite hired hitman and enforcer because he knew Sicarios like Pinina were priceless and would come only once in a lifetime. Pinina made Pablo Escobar the most feared and ruthless Capo in Medellin and the world , as well as laying the blueprint for all the next generations of sicarios that have and are still  destroying and operating in Colombia.   

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Papi Eye-Saw says : watch Pablo Escobar patron del mal

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